Self Publish Your Novel

Many people dream of writing a book in the course of their lives. Some even succeed, but in order to make it accessible to the public, a publisher must be found. We have put together 7 valuable tips for you to self publish your novel.

You have written an exciting crime novel or a heartbreaking love story? Or did you collect prescriptions from grandmother’s time and want to publish a cookbook? Maybe you were also traveling a lot and now want to talk about your experiences?
Many have gathered their memoirs and now they want to publish them. But the way to your own book is not easy. How you should proceed, if you want to bring your written to the man, or rather, to the publisher, learn here.
Publishing a book takes time
First of the entire most important thing: Publishing books takes time. It is not uncommon that it may take more than a year from submission to publishing to publication. But before that happens, there are a lot of hurdles to be overcome.

Before you even offer a book to a publisher, have your novel read by at least three friends. These should look not only at the content but also at spelling and grammar. Spell checkers often cannot find all the bugs. After reading, sit down with your friends and talk about what you have written. Among other things, you should consider the following questions:

• Is the action logical in itself?
• Are all characters designed to stay in their role throughout the book? Certainly a frog can become a prince, but rarely a tree or an airplane.
• How exactly are the characters and locations described? When referring to living persons or real places , how did you describe them?
• Speak the characters and the time of the act accordingly?
• Phrases like: Müller could … Meier would have … are inappropriate. Your characters say or do something!
• Side-by-side essays about the moss that grows on the fir are just as counterproductive. Keep it short. But not too short. If the moss plays a role in your story, it can grow slowly. But it should grow. Say, move your action forward.
• Does your writing style appeal to your target audience? Do not use words that your target audience does not use. You may have a certain vocabulary, but not many of your readers. This is especially true for technical terms or foreign words.
You’ll realize that there are still some places open where you need to hone, even if that means rewriting half the book. It only increases your later success.
What you should not do
Please do not include a return envelope in your letter unless the publisher wishes it. This is a sign of uncertainty and your book can be quickly rejected. Of course it hurts to know 23 pages in the shredder, which is not true. Most publishers return rejected manuscripts or archive them for later.
For Exposé and reading rehearsal you should do without double-sided printing. Sure, you use more paper, but at the same time make a better impression. Whether twelve or 23 sheets, the price for the Maxi letter remains the same.

Do not send handwritten manuscripts.
You also do not need to be ready to send envelopes. There are professionals for that. Also, most publishers have certain specifications for the cover design in terms of title, publishing logo and the like for recognition.

Do not separate yourself from these pictures; they could still be needed later.
Do not be self-publishing, even if some publishers offer that to you. Self-publishing means nothing else than that you have to pay for everything and, moreover, have to take care of the marketing yourself. This works for smaller regional stories with a smaller circulation; self-marketing is the wrong way, however, as far as novels or superregional literature are concerned.

What happens after acceptance with your book?
After conclusion of the contract, the work begins for the publisher. It is not only about defining the design of the book , but also about promoting your book , which means that as an author, you must be prepared to conduct readings or perform at events and fairs . Look for a good photographer for a meaningful author picture.

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